Residence permit via real estate investment

Unfortunately, simply purchasing real estate alone does not make you eligible for a residence permit. For this purpose, you will need to register a company that is operating and leasing real estate as a business model, about which you can read more in the establishing a business venture section. This is part of our business plan, where the portfolio of the newly founded company includes real estate investment and utilization, this will be its primary function. In most cases, our clients choose to rent out the apartments via Airbnb, which is a lucrative investment opportunity in and of itself. Likewise, investing in real estate in Hungary is also a solid business plan, so receiving a residence permit on top of that is only icing on the cake.


200.000 € must be invested into purchasing 2 apartments, which will be rented out and form the main source of income for the company.

As you have read before, whilst founding a company is easy in Hungary, finding the proper apartment to invest in is a bit more difficult. However, you need not worry, because our company can also assist you with fining the proper real estate to invest in. We have to select an apartment that will be easy to rent out, so the best place to choose from will be in the city center. Since the requirements for the residence permit are to have two apartments, it is easier from a logistical standpoint if you select them to be near each other. The rental service can be done directly by you or you can entrust it to one of our reliable partners, in which case you will only invoice the activities.

In order to receive the residence permit without hassle, the proposed business plan of the company must show profitability and success. With two well-chosen apartments, this will 100% guarantee that you and your family will receive the permit.

Our company will assist you in all steps of this procedure, from registering your company and selecting the apartments to buy to helping with the handover process. We will also continue to provide assistance in operating your business to ensure continued profitability.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask for a free consultation or request a free callback whenever it is convenient for you.