Obtaining a residence permit via company registration

Foreigners should consider founding their own business not only because it makes it easier to receive a residence permit, but having a company of your own has many other advantages, such as a 9% company tax rate as well as it offers many great investment opportunities. Registering a business in Hungary is a very quick procedure, it only takes a few days to finish the registration, then your company is ready to be used. In addition, Hungary is the only country, where obtaining an EU VAT registration number does not require any complicated steps, it can be requested at the same time as your company is registered and it is issued automatically along with your company documents. This makes it very easy for us to provide this service in neighboring EU countries as well.

What makes Hungary such a great place to register your own business in the EU?

  • Very quick registration process in as little as two days
  • Low company tax rates that may be avoided altogether (KIVA), so only the 2% business tax must be paid after the revenue, at least until you take the profit from the company as dividends
  • EU VAT registration number is issued immediately, without taking into consideration factors like business plan, business partners and other criteria
  • Starting the company costs less than 1000 € and the starting funds do not need to be paid and kept in the company
  • Residence permit is easily obtainable

Our company aims to help you achieve all that, so our VIP clients only need to visit our offices once. You will also have to open a bank account, but as your authorized representatives, we will escort you to the bank and help you with the procedure. In fact, we will handle all matters for you such as registration, having a seat of business and social security number for the CEO. We will also assist with running the company and provide accounting services, e-mail correspondence, documentation etc. – any time you have to appear in person somewhere or deal with the tax authorities (NAV), we will escort you, advise you and provide translation if needed. We will continue to inform you regarding all aspects of your newfound business venture.