Obtaining Hungarian citizenship

Unfortunately, gaining Hungarian citizenship is no easy task as one would have to live and work in Hungary for 8 years before becoming eligible for application. The process is somewhat easier, however, if you have proof of Hungarian ancestry in your family or if your parents or children are already Hungarian citizens themselves. It is possible to request a simplified naturalization process, but we recommend consulting our experts first to evaluate the possibilities. It takes only a few questions for our team to determine whether or not this is a viable course of action for you.

Hungarian ancestors

If you have knowledge of any ancestor in your family who was a Hungarian citizen, the chances of obtaining citizenship increase greatly. This is gives us far more leverage and weight to represent your claim for citizenship. Furthermore, our company can examine your family tree to find possible Hungarian ancestors. If such ancestry can be found, you will only need to be able to speak the Hungarian language. We are certain that we can help you get your citizenship if you can provide both ancestry and language.

Why is it worth becoming a Hungarian citizen?

If you believe that you have a chance to get citizenship, you should absolutely go for it as it provides you with some great benefits.

  • You can move and work freely in all the member states of the European Union.
  • You will have visa-free access to the United States and Canada.
  • Public services and security are great in Hungary, in addition to generally lower prices. From pensions received in other countries, you could live in Hungary a very wealthy life.