Residence permit for the purpose of finding employment                600€

Residence permit for the purpose of family reunification                600€

Residence permit for the purpose of education                                380€

Acquisition of tax ID card                                                        60€

Acquisition of social security ID card                                        60€

Permit extension                                                                        250€

Acquisition of registration card                                                250€   

Driving license naturalization                                                        250€

National settlement permit                                                        850€

Acquisition of settlement card                                                        300€

For companies:                                                                        1000€

  • company foundation (registration personally or via third-party authorization)
  • payment of registration fee
  • acquisition of local and EU-associated tax ID
  • assistance with opening a bank account
  • full documentation in English and Hungarian
  • personal tax ID card and social security card for the company CEO
  • registration with the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (payment for the 1st year)

Determination of eligibility for Hungarian citizenship, legal advice        70€

Submission of request for Hungarian citizenship                         750€

Consultation via telephone                                                        0€

Consultation in person with your personal assistant                        30.000Ft

In case you commission our office for a larger work, the fee for the personal consultation will be deducted from the final price, thus making it free for our trusted customers! (Our prices are net and exclusive of VAT.)