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Residence permit


If you are looking to settle down in Hungary and you are considering applying for a residence permit, our company is more than willing to help you. The process is very simple, just contact us to set up an appointment for a free consultation and meet us in person. Our company will handle the entire procedure on our clients’ behalf, and you can receive your papers the next time you visit our office. No queues, no paperwork, no day-long waiting in government offices – let us handle this burden and hassle on your behalf! Our VIP clients can rest easy knowing that their applications are in good hands.

Residence permit
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We have considerable experience in the services listed here, but in addition to these, we are happy to help you with almost any type of official business or procedure conducted within Hungary. Feel free to ask us any time.
We will handle the entire procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Hungary. Our company will collect, submit and handle all documentation and government correspondence on your behalf for a stress-free acquisition of your residence permit.
In order to expedite the acquisition of your residence permit, we can help you register your own business in Hungary. Our company will assist you in all the related legal procedures from drawing up a business plan to handling the company foundation process. Nothing speeds up your application for a residence permit more than investing in your own Hungarian business!
One of the most simple and efficient ways to obtain your residence permit in Hungary is to invest in real estate of at least 200.000 €. This will immediately grant the residence permit not only for you, but also for your family. If you are looking to invest in the Hungarian real estate market, our company is more than willing to assist!
If you are looking to find employment in Hungary, you will need a work permit, which is very easy for us to obtain. Task our company today to handle the work permit on your behalf!
If you already have a residence permit and it is about to expire, we are happy to assist you in the extension process. Temporary or permanent, we will handle the procedure quickly and efficiently without requiring our clients to leave the country.
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Our remarkable success rates regarding handling various legal procedures can be seen in the graphs below. Our company is doing its utmost to fulfill every request our clients approach us with and to ensure that they are always satisfied. See our amazing success rates for yourself!

Successfully acquired residence permits
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Our helpful and professional team is awaiting your application, our colleagues will do everything they can to fulfill your requests to your satisfaction!
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Lonela Selaru
We were looking to move from Transylvania to Hungary, but we did not know how to do it or who to approach for help. Peter helped us with everything, for which we are forever grateful. The speed, efficiency and thoroughness of the help we received was well worth every Forint.
Nguyen Thi Thanh Hai
Nguyen Thi Thanh Hai
I have received outstanding help from this company and because of their assistance, our entire family managed to settle in Hungary. We are still awaiting citizenship, unfortunately, but we are hopeful that we will also receive that in a few years. The Nguyen family is in your debt!
Do Trang
We had already been living in Hungary for several months, when we decided to settle our paperwork in order not to have to extend our residence permit again. They managed everything for us, for which we want to express our most sincere gratitude.
Aneglika Ruszànova
We came from Ukraine and asked to help us with our paperwork, because we did not want to return every 3 months to our home country. They are a very reliable company and I sincerely recommend them to everyone, who would like to stay in Hungary for a longer period or settle down permanently.
Joanna Smith
As the regional director for the Hungarian subsidiary of our American corporation, we were asked to move to Hungary. Fortunately, all the procedures and paperwork went very easily and quickly, owing in large part to Klaudia’s overall preparedness and professionality. If anybody is looking for employment in Hungary, we recommend to assist with the necessary permits and paperwork.

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How we work?

In most cases, our services provided for our clients are as simple as the three steps detailed below. It is essential for us to minimize the unnecessary time spent in offices for our clients and to carry out the requested procedures as fast as possible.

Consultation in office

The first step is a personal meeting with our clients, where we discuss the requests and possibilities. Once we have informed them about the possible courses of action, they fill out a commission contract and authorization to enable us to act on their behalf. This allows us to fulfill virtually every request.

We work

We begin to work on the requests of our customers as soon as possible, we obtain the necessary papers and aim to fulfill everything independently of our clients. While we continue to inform our customers about the progress of our commission, we will only call them back to our office if it is absolutely unavoidable.

Paperwork handover

The third and final step in our procedure is when we hand over the finished residence permit, company documents etc. to our satisfied clients. Should the necessity arise, we will of course continue to assist them in the future.

…we have been assisting our customers for more than 10 years and we have gathered considerable experience and expertise in our field. This allows us to rise to virtually every challenge our clients might face.
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Here you can see the ratio of our main commissioned services in the past 10 years.
Residence Permits
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Residence permit
And how to obtain them.
Obtaining a residence permit is not easy, but fortunately we know all the tricks and loopholes involved. Here you can read more about the various methods for obtaining your residence permit. For more details, click on the options below.
The easiest way to obtain your residence permit is to invest in real estate, for which you will need 200.000 €.
It is also possible to receive a residence permit if you establish a business in Hungary. Immigrants with financial investment in mind will need to establish a new company with a well-thought-out business proposition and strategy in mind.
Third country citizens (with citizenship outside the EU countries) can legally stay in Hungary for extended periods if they work within the country. Our company is more than happy to offer assistance in this regard.
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First of all, you need a valid document such as a passport. There are many different methods for obtaining a residence permit, but you will need a place of residence and a declaration of acceptance. One of the easiest and most successful ways to get your permit is to invest in and operate real estate if you have the required 200.000 € for this purpose. This is the best choice, because this also provides employment and your entire family becomes eligible for a residence permit. If this option is not available for you, you will need a place of employment that can verify your monthly income. You can read more about this in our listed services section.

In Hungary, the easiest way to become eligible for a residence permit is to purchase and utilize real estate. The criteria are to purchase two pieces of real estate for a total of 200.000 €, which you can rent out for a steady source of income. Once the purchase is made and you have proposed a sound business plan for the future, both you and your family will receive the residence permit. If you decide on this course of action, the 200.000 € will be sufficient to purchase two apartments for rental purposes, which will guarantee both secured income and a form of employment. You will have to retain ownership of the purchased real estate so long as you need a valid residence permit. At the moment, the real estate market in Budapest is booming and blooming, millions of tourists visit the capital city each year, so any real estate purchase is only becoming more and more valuable each year. Activities such as leasing apartments or Airbnb are very sound investments and lucrative sources of income and in addition, if you do not have the time or expertise to deal with it personally, you can delegate this task as well. Our company offers many trusted partners who handle all aspects of apartment rental, so you will not have to bear the burden of personally dealing with issues such as tourists and cleaning.

Not at all! Hungary has been suffering from a shortage of labor for many years, so receiving a work permit with employment is very easy.